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Matching agencies to your business needs.

We know that many businesses spend considerable sums and time trying to find the best creative service agencies to meet their needs. In an increasingly competitive sector - with agencies coming and going all the time - sorting the great agencies and the talent that will give you the edge, from the also rans, is hard. Miss-selling is rife and many agencies make great and often unfounded claims – searching is an expensive process fraught with doubt and risk. That’s hard to deal with when you need to trust agency to deliver vital communications to your people and your customers.



What we do



We save you time, money and give you a high degree of certainty by finding specialist creative agencies that are the best fit for your business, in terms of; experience, skills, budget and culture

We represent a broad range of agencies and individuals/consultants who can provide the following services;

  • Bringing Brands to life
  • Corporate story telling – telling your story in a compelling, engaging way to your customers and your employees
  • Employee Engagement 
  • Live Events 
  • Sponsorship activation 
  • Virtual Reality
  • Exhibitions 
  • Creative consultancy
  • Video & Digital content creation
  • Experiential
  • Advice on using Event Technology 
  • Measurement – providing evidence that communication is delivering results
  • Speaker coaching
  • Conference specialists
  • Public Relations

Why Signal?



Our service is free of charge, saving you time, effort and costs – narrowing the funnel, to enable you to select the best agency to meet your needs, from a hand-picked selection of the best agencies and specialists.

We represent around 30 UK based large, medium and small; live events, exhibition and experiential agencies and we also work with a selected group of individuals and small companies who can provide a number of related stand-alone services e.g. script writing and presenter training amongst others.


Who we work with...


How we work



We will meet with you and take you through a structured consultation process. Firstly, we build insights, taking time to understand your business; your brand, products and services and cultural mores.  Then we will work with you to define and discuss your live communication requirements.

Insights &

The next step is leveraging our combined 50 years’ experience in the industry - both client side and agency side - our inside knowledge, nous and our knowledge of the agency landscape to partner you with the agency or agencies that we believe will be the best fit for your business. The agency selection we present to you will be based on your requirements; scope of work, timescales, budget, service levels required, UK or International, etc, as well as cultural ‘fit’


We can arrange a presentation and briefing meeting and/or we can manage the process of briefing the agencies on your behalf. 

We can do all this free of charge because we receive commission/remuneration directly from the successful agency.


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